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Cupid Baby Pregnancy kit an At Home Insemination Kit for Women – Includes 1 Cervical Cup and 2 Pregnancy Tests – Ideal for at Home Insemination and Early Pregnancy Detection Monitoring

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Introducing the Cupid Baby Home Pregnancy Kit for Women, your trusted partner in your journey to motherhood. This kit is designed to help women get pregnant in the most convenient way possible, right from the comfort of their own homes. Our insemination kit for women is a essentials kit solution that includes a cervical cup and two pregnancy tests.The Cervical cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone and it is not made with BPA or Phthalates.

It offers a simple, non-invasive method to increase your chances of getting pregnant, making it an excellent choice for those trying to conceive. The Pregnancy kit is especially useful if you already have purchased other Ovulation tracking methods such as: LH strips, basal body thermometer, cervical mucous detectors. Please use the Cupid Cup during Ovulation only. All kit contents are single use only. Test for pregnancy 10-14 days after Insemination to verify if  pregnancy has been achieved.

The Cupid Cervical Cup included in our home insemination kit is easy to use and effective. It’s designed to help increase the chances of sperm reaching the cervix, thereby boosting your odds of conception. The kit also comes with two pregnancy test sticks, allowing you to confirm your pregnancy with ease. The Cupid Cup is intended for low sperm count, poor sperm motility or a hostile vaginal environment. The Cupid Baby At Home Insemination Kit is a great alternative to expensive fertility treatments and is an ideal choice for couples who prefer to keep their journey to parenthood private. Our Insemination kits ensure that you have everything you need to take control of your fertility journey.

18 reviews for Cupid Pregnancy kit

  1. Nicole

    Fast shipping! We hope to be expecting soon

  2. Jessica

    Great kit essentials! I already have the Kegg Ovulation tracker so I only needed this Pregnancy kit not the ovulation trackers.

  3. Beth

    Thorough instructions and easy to use

  4. B.F.

    We have been trying for a year and hope this helps!

  5. Berry Sutherland


  6. Bill

    Comfortable and easy to use

  7. Kerri Ford

    Cute package

  8. B.L.

    Best insemination kit ever! We are pregnant after 2 years of trying. We are so grateful for Cupid.

  9. Sue Ellen

    Good instructions, fast shipping

  10. Suzy

    Simple kit I like it because I already have a hormone tracker

  11. Jill

    Fast shipping! As described

  12. Mason

    Very good customer service.

  13. L.K.

    Great kit

  14. Mary Hill

    Really nice and convenient all in one kit

  15. Anonymous


  16. Kim

    Five stars great Cup cute concept

  17. Carolina

    Fast shipping cute packaging

  18. Nathaniel

    Awesome customer service

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