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We are not responsible for any injury while using the Cupid kit or after using it. You assume all risks and must seek medical care for any medical problems you may have. We are not, liable for any injury during or after sterilizing the cup by boiling it, please handle the cup safely while hot.

All contents in the Cupid kit and bundle are intended for single use only. You must boil the Cupid cup to sterilize it before using the cup for 5 minutes, allow to cool before using. Handle carefully as the cup will be hot after boiling. We are not liable for any injury while you are using any contents of the Cupid kit. You assume all risk of injury. Please seek medical care for any medical issues you may have at any time. Always consult with a doctor for any questions or issues related to trying to conceive. The Cupid kit is intended for use during ovulation. The cupid cup is intended for use to try to get pregnant. Do not use the Cupid cup if you have been diagnosed as medically unsafe for you to engage in sexual intercourse or medically unsafe to becoming pregnant.  

We are not liable for any miscarriage or infertility you may endure. Please check out HelpLine HelpLine | RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association for support with infertility. 


We do not accept returns or exchanges due to the intimate nature of the product. We are regulated by the FDA. However, if you have an issue with the Cupid kit please reach out to us, we can honor a partial refund or replacement kit. We appreciate your feedback!