Cupid Kit

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100% medical grade silicone Cervical Conception cup
& 5 ovulation tests. All kit contents are single use only.

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The Cervical cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone and it is not made with BPA or Phthalates. The Cupid kit includes 5 ovulation tests.  All contents of the kit are intended for single use only.

The Cupid cervical cup is intended for use while ovulating. This is known as timed intercourse. Please track your cycle to determine when you ovulate. You may use the ovulation tests provided, daily for about a week to confirm you are in your fertile window. You may also wish to use your ovulation tracking method of choice.

It is recommended by most gynecologists to have intercourse every other day during your fertile window while trying to conceive (TTC). Most customers purchase multiple kits per ovulation cycle.

22 reviews for Cupid Kit

  1. Rozina Zarote

    Fast shipping, easy to use

  2. Taylor

    Love that when I buy the kit it gives back to the community

  3. Sue

    Great product

  4. Carmen

    We had been looking for something that would help us without hurting our budget. So happy to have found CupidBaby….simple to use.. good luck to us

  5. Billy

    The Cupid kit is the best home insemination product on the market! My wife is late on her period for the first time ever and we hope to be expecting soon!

  6. Karen

    Fast shipping

  7. Abbey

    It worked for us!

  8. Ariel

    Great product quality

  9. Carol

    Easy to use and Comfortable

  10. Caroline

    Great customer service

  11. Racquel

    Love this

  12. Bella

    Fast shipping helpful service

  13. Alisha

    I like the cup it’s comfortable

  14. Julie

    Great customer service!

  15. Aubrey

    Fast shipping

  16. Amy

    We are pregnant! My wife and I are pregnant on our first try with the Cupid. We recommend anyone using a sperm donor to try the Cupid conception cup!

  17. Natasha

    Must have

  18. Barbara

    Fast shipping. Good quality we will be trying soon

  19. B. Lee

    Great customer service and fast shipping

  20. Martha V.

    Five stars all the way

  21. Bob S.

    We hope to be expecting soon we have been trying for 9 months

  22. Nikki F.

    Awesome customer service

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