How to get Pregnant with at Home Insemination Using a Sperm Donor

If you are hoping to get pregnant using a sperm donor there are some things to take into consideration to prepare yourself for home insemination using a fresh sperm donor sample or a frozen sperm vial.

If you are a single mom by choice, we salute your decision to embark on your journey to motherhood solo (and or grow your family solo). We personally know many women who simply have not met the right partner yet, and are ready to conceive and pour love into their future child.

Or perhaps you have a partner, and are of the LGBTQIA+ community and need a sperm donor to fulfill your dreams of parenthood (and or grow your family). We support all those hoping to become pregnant via sperm donor and honor your unique path to pregnancy.

If you are in a heterosexual relationship and have low sperm count or poor sperm motility the Cupid Cup Insemination Device is also right for you. However, you and your male partner may not need a sperm donor sample if he has poor sperm motility or a low sperm count. The Cervical cap method is intended for use for those with a low sperm count, poor sperm motility and or a hostile vaginal environment.

Also, there are cases where men have erectile dysfunction ED from the stress of struggling to conceive. In the case of ED, the Cupid kit can help alleviate some stress by offering an alternative to intercourse.  There are also many online websites that can prescribe men Viagra easily through Telehealth such as

We love to help and provide options that best suit and support your unique journey to conception.

Home insemination using the Cervical cap is the right choice for you if you are trying to get pregnant naturally and quickly. Home insemination is definitely worth the try prior to more expensive and invasive options such as IUI Intrauterine Insemination.


In this blog, we will discuss specifically how to use a sperm donor sample with the Cupid kit to utilize home insemination.

We have many visitors to our site asking if we offer or provide sperm with our Cupid insemination kit. We do not offer sperm at this time, but you can use any reputable sperm donor bank of choice. There are many Facebook Sperm groups or reputable Sperm Banks throughout the United States. You do want to make sure that the sperm bank or personal donor, tests for STDs so that the sperm sample is safe to use and free of disease. The average cost of a sperm sample from a bank is around $900 and you typically need 1 milliliter of frozen sperm per insemination attempt, which can sometimes depending on the sample, be two vials at 0.5 ml each totaling around $2000. It only takes one insemination attempt at minimum to conceive, but to up your odds of conceiving, it is recommended to try to inseminate more than once during your ovulation window. To expand on this further, to up your odds of conceiving try to inseminate at minimum once and up to every other day in your ovulation window which is approximately three times.

Prepare for Insemination Prior to Insemination/ Ovulation Day:

You will need to know when you are ovulating to plan when to perform home insemination. Please track your cycle by either counting the days manually or a period tracking app of choice. See our ovulation blog to learn more. During your fertile window it would be prudent to verify you’re ovulating by testing using a LH Luteinizing hormone test strip. The Cupid kit comes with 5 LH ovulation tests so that you can verify and check for ovulation.

It is recommended by most doctors to have intercourse every other day while in your fertile window to try to conceive. In the same way, we recommend to try inseminating with the Cupid cervical cap at least twice within your fertile window. Most customers purchase multiple kits for one month of multiple insemination attempts. The Cupid Cervical cap is single use only.

If you are using a sperm donor, it would be best to try to inseminate at least twice during your ovulation window using 1ml of sperm. This all can certainly add up! However, at home insemination beats being in a hospital setting any day.

The cervical cap method have shown pregnancy success rates up to 20%. The cervical cap method is used for problems such as sperm immobility, low sperm count, or a hostile vaginal environment.

Disclaimer and good stuff to know:

Please ensure your sperm sample is clean and tested for STDs. Only use reputable sperm donor banks or someone you trust who has been tested for STDs. There are many risks associated with using a sperm donor via meet up like on Facebook groups. I’m sure some people have good success stories using Sperm donor meet ups. By using a reputable sperm bank, you ensure safety and avoid legal issues or problems.  The sperm from a reputable sperm bank will have records of STD testing, familial genetic hereditary diseases/disorders and medical history about the donor.

Using a Fresh Sperm Sample:

If you have a live room temperature sperm donor sample available to you, please use the fresh sperm sample as soon as you can within under one hour to inseminate via the Cupid cervical cap or any other home method such as a syringe. The advantage to the Cupid cervical cap method is that it uniquely saves sperm. The Cupid one step method of putting sperm directly into the Cupid cup, means no sperm left behind in a collection cup or syringe. One drop of sperm equals approximately 6 million sperm, so you won’t want to waste even a drop especially if it is a purchased donor sperm sample at about $1k each. The Cupid kit box can serve as a tray to hold items upright during insemination with a donor sample. Simply pour the sperm from the vial or collection cup into the Cupid cup. If your male donor or partner is present with you, they can deposit the sperm into the Cupid cup and then hand it to you.

Using a Frozen Sperm Sample:

Please thaw sperm according to the package instructions from the sperm donor bank.  Often times the sperm bank has a how to video on their site to help you learn how to thaw frozen sperm. Once sperm is thawed to room temperature, use it immediately within under one hour.  Simply pour the thawed sperm directly into the Cupid conception cup and then carefully place the cup. See our how to section for more in depth instructions on how to place the cup.  Or simply read the instructions sheet if you have purchased the Cupid kit.

For any additional questions regarding home insemination via sperm donor feel free to reach us at [email protected] or our chat representative via our site is also available M-F 10a-6p CST.


As always, happy conceiving!